In Odessa, they plan to plant 1000 acacias and replace the lawn along two highways
Sept. 16, 2021
They plan to plant 1000 acacias in Odessa. Trees and lawns will be planted along the Tiraspolskoye and Kievskoye highways.
This was announced today at the session of the City Council.
We discussed the issue "On Amendments to the City Target Program for the Improvement of Odessa for 2018-2021".
Deputy Ilya Freiman asked why a tender was announced for pruning trees, also for 3 million hryvnias, why the KP "Gorzelentrest" could not cope with these works. "10 thousand hryvnia for one cut down branch", - Freiman was indignant.
Director of the Department of Municipal Economy of the Odessa City Council Natalya Mostovskikh said that "Gorzelentrest" serves certain planting areas in accordance with its capabilities. And it is in these areas that trees are pruned. A tender is being held for other green spaces. The director does not know which employee of her department Freiman contacted to obtain information, and stated that his information was not true. Outraged, Freiman disagreed.
Deputy Aleksey Eremitsa was glad that Gorzelentrest will receive a combined vehicle. Eremitsa said that the KP should be supported, especially given the natural disasters.
Deputy Alexander Ivanitskiy said that the standards and the prices at which the KP Gorzelentrest operates do not allow him to participate in tenders from an economic point of view.
Deputy Anastasia Bolshedvorova asked where the new plantings will be and where there are plans to improve the situation in the abandoned parks. Mostovskikh replied that Gorzelentrest is cleaning the parks. The department has projects for the development and restoration of parks, but this requires significant capital investments.
In the near future, the rolled lawn, shrubs and trees will be replaced. This will be done along the Tiraspolskoye and Kievskoye highways, through which guests of the city arrive.
They also plan to replace the lawn and plant new plantings in the city center in all green areas.
Gennady Trukhanov said that such issues should be discussed at the conciliation council, and not taken out to the conference room.
Trukhanov said that they could not start work in the Regensburg square, because some of them disrupt the tender procedures. The square on Italian Boulevard is also in the plans. An interesting project is being developed - Savitsky Park. Soon, when it will be possible to land, 1000 acacias will be planted in Odessa, Trukhanov promised.