Almost all museums in Odessa are planned to be restored
Dec. 10, 2021
By 2030, almost all museums in Odessa will be restored.
This was announced during a briefing by Deputy Chairman of the Odessa Regional State Administration Sergei Podgainy.
According to him, the government together with the Office of the President and the Odessa Regional State Administration plans to develop a comprehensive development plan for the central part of the city. The priority program will be presented approximately in February 2022.
Podgainy said that in the center of Odessa they intend to restore the facades. In addition, it is planned to transform almost all Odessa museums. The deputy chairman of the Odessa YEAH so far said that it will definitely be a literary museum and a museum of the Navy.
It is also known that the Odessa Art Museum and the Museum of Western and Oriental Art are waiting for the start of work - 15 million hryvnias have already been allocated for them.