Odessa will host a charity "EcoRace" in support of animals
Jan. 14, 2022
The third charitable "EcoRace" will be held in Odessa, within the framework of which volunteers will collect recyclable materials for recycling, and with the proceeds they will provide assistance and support to the Odessa animal shelter.
About this on the Instagram page of the charity organization sortirovka_ua.
On Saturday, January 29, Odessa will host the first charity eco-flight "4 paws" this year in support of the Odessa animal shelter. The organizers will collect garbage from Odessa residents to be recycled, and the proceeds will be used to buy food, medicine, and pay bills.
Volunteers will make stops in different parts of the city, the route will be as follows:
10:50-11:00 - Shopping center "Family" (Semena Palia street, 93a);
10:50–11:00 – Vera Kholodnaya Square, 1/1 (from the side of the passport service);
11:10-11:20 - Shevchenko Avenue, 4th, Kopeyki parking lot;
11:30-11:40 - Victory Park (10/5 Marshal Govorov Street, Tavria V parking lot);
11:55-12:10 - 5th station of the Big Fountain (along Admiralsky Prospekt, Pilot Square);
12:25-12:35 - House of Furniture (at the Kopeyka store at the address: Svyatoslav Richter Street, 2);
12:50-13:05 - Gorky Park (behind the cinema along Varnenska Street);
13:20-13:30 - Vuzovsky shopping center (Lyustdorfskaya road, 140/1, parking);
13:45-13:55 - Raduzhny (Prospect Heavenly Hundred, 4c, office 7, along the road);
14:05-14:15 - Tairovskiy shopping center (Akademika Williams street, 9a, parking).
Volunteers will accept recycled materials sorted into separate packages. The following types of waste can be recycled:
PET bottles (PET, marking 1): transparent, blue, brown, green from oil or chemicals. Will accept unwashed, but necessarily compressed. Labels and covers do not need to be removed;
lids folded in a separate bag;
waste paper - cardboard, paper, books, newspapers, packaging, checks and egg trays, you can pizza boxes with traces of food;
aluminum cans from drinks.
During the eco-flight will not accept:
napkins and thick cardboard that does not tear;
cans, aerosols, metal lids;
any PET not in the form of a bottle, transparent bottles, bottles and other containers from household chemicals marked 2 HDPE.
Also, anyone can independently help homeless animals:
for dogs - dry food 4 Paws Club;
for cats - dry food Josera, BonaCibo, soft food of any company;
disposable diapers;
baby diapers in the smallest size;
new syringes and eye drops.