The illegitimate son of rock and roll and the breakaway brother - this is how you can characterize the Bourbon Rock Bar, which is located in the historical center of Odessa and is a favorite place for progressive youth and curious foreigners all week long. Bourbon decoration is a pleasant atmospheric bonus to the perky mood created by the bourbon team with maximum attention and diligence. So when you hear that someone is going to “drink a beer in Bourbon,” give up everything and reserve your strength to dance and drink liver - we don’t know how and do not want to.

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 Address: ул. Екатерининская, 8/10

  •  Phone Number: +38 048 722 0307
  •  Website:
  •  Working Hours: 17 - 4
  •  Average Check: 400
  •  Bank Card: Yes
  •  Catering: No
  •  Wi-Fi: Yes
  •  Parking: No
  •  Delivery: No

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